Quick Answer: What Is C D In Shoe Size?

What does size CD mean in shoes?

That means you can have shoe size number 8 AAA.

In this case, 8 is the shoe length and C/D is the width, or just wide.

Men’s feet are wider than women’s feet.

In the USA, for men’s shoes, D is the average width.

Thus, a man with narrow feet might get a C/D size..

What does C mean in shoe width?

They stand for the width of the shoe, B(M) is Medium Width, 2A (N) is Narrow Width, C/D and E are Wide Widths.

How do I know if I need a wide boot?

Just remember that the need for wide shoes is about more than the width of your foot. … For instance, if your foot is 3.75 inches wide and you wear a size 5, you’ll need a wide fit. On the other hand, if you wear a size 8, you can opt for medium-width footwear. Additionally, men’s feet are generally larger than women’s.

How wide is EE?

While E is a wide shoe for both men and women, EE is wider than E for males and extra wide for females. Wide EE measures from 3.4 inches to 5.4 inches across the bottom of the ball of the foot, depending on the length of the foot.

What does N stand for in shoes?

N is Narrow, M/R are Medium and Regular respectively. For women, typically narrow is a regular fit and regular is for a wider fit. For Men regular is typically a medium fit and narrow is a narrow fit. comfort shoes.

What does 7.5 C D mean in shoe size?

The letters refer to the width of the shoe. C/D is a wide width, B (M) is medium and N is narrow. The size chart should help you determine what width you will need.

What does 6.5 C D shoe size mean?

The 6.5 is the size in length. … 6.5 represents the size of the shoe in length. B and (M) both mean medium width. C and D mean an even wider width.

What do the letters mean in boot sizes?

What do the letters in the size mean? The letters represent width. For ladies, we stock B, C, M, W. B and M represent a medium or more narrow width. C and W represent a wider width.

What’s the difference between 9.5 and 10 shoe size?

The difference between a size 9.5 and 10 shoe is 1/6 of an inch. The difference between sizes in whole sizes is about 1/3 of an inch. This measurement was called a ““Barley corn” in the old days.

What is B and C in shoe width?

Foot Width: Boots are typically available in 6 widths: B (extra narrow), C (narrow), D (regular), E (wide), EE (extra wide), and EEE (triple wide). … Then, measure the width of your foot across the widest part and find your corresponding width in your shoe size.

What is 6.5 C in shoe size?

FeaturedSizeHeel to Toe Length (in)Heel to Toe Length (cm)5C4⅝11.85.5C4⅞12.36C512.76.5C5⅛13.133 more rows

What are the letters in shoe sizes?

In the United States, shoe widths, ranging from narrowest to widest, are: AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE, and EEE. Narrow and wide shoes are also divided into sub-sizes in which the extra letter indicates an even narrower or wider width.

How much wider is ee than D?

D-width is a medium for men, and a wide size for women. E widths are considered to be wide for men, and extra-wide for women. EE width shoes are extra wide for both men and women, and used to be harder to find for women, though more companies have introduced EE women’s shoes in recent decades.

What does C stand for in shoe size?

C is child and Y is youth. These refer to child sizes, which is the 2T-3T, etc. sizing until you get up to 7-8, then move up to youth sizes which is more the small-medium-large spectrum.

What is E in shoe width?

E= wide fitting. EE= extra wide fitting. EEE= ultra-wide fitting. For more information, check out our women’s shoe size guide.

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