Quick Answer: Can You Reset Your Pandora Account?

Can I delete my Pandora account?

Android: Go to the Google Play Store and select My subscriptions > Pandora > Cancel Subscription..

How do you delete playlists on Pandora?

To delete a playlist, go to My Collection and tap the name of the playlist you’d like to delete. Tap the Edit icon below the album art, scroll down and select Delete Playlist. From our website: Go to My Collection, locate the playlist you want to delete and hover over the album art.

How do I see all my thumbed-up songs on Pandora?

Go to the station’s settings (by clicking the arrow near it and pressing “Edit”), scroll down to the “Thumbed-up Songs” section, then press “Show All” (located on the bottom left of the list).

How do you delete Pandora stations on a smart TV?

To delete a station from your Samsung TV, start playing the station you’d like to delete. Then, using the directional pad on your remote, tap the center button to interact with the album art of the currently playing track. This should display the option to delete the station.

How do I update my Pandora?

You can upgrade through the Pandora app on Android by following these steps:Tap the Profile icon.Select the Settings gear from the top right corner, and then Upgrade. … Check the box stating that you agree to the payments for Google Play Terms of Service.Confirm the purchase by selecting Accept & Subscribe.

Why is Pandora so expensive?

1. Quality materials. the first reason why the Pandora bracelets are expensive has to do with the fact that the brand can only send its products at a premium if they use high-quality materials in production. This is the case with Pandora and the primary reason for the high cost of the bracelets.

How do I clear my likes on Pandora?

To delete a Thumbed track, simply roll your cursor over the name of the track to reveal a hidden menu (or click the ellipsis if you are a Pandora Premium subscriber). As before, select Delete to remove that Thumb from your station.

Is Pandora no longer free?

Sure, you can still listen to Pandora radio for free with ads. But if you watch a short video, you’ll get a trial of its own on-demand, ad-free subscription service called Pandora Premium, a $10-per-month service comparable with what Spotify and Apple Music cost.

How do you sign into Pandora?

To sign in to the Pandora® app on an Android TV™, follow the steps below.Using the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.Under the Featured apps, select Pandora.In the Sign In screen, enter your email and password.After you entered your email and password, select NEXT. … Select Sign in.Mar 29, 2019

How do I reset my Pandora account?

Open the Pandora app. Click on the Forgot Password link located below the sign in fields. Enter the email address that you used to create your Pandora account. Follow the instructions contained in the password-reset email after receiving it.

Does deleting Pandora account cancel subscription?

Subscribers who would like to completely delete their Pandora accounts will first need to cancel their subscription, allow that subscription to expire, and then follow the instructions above for deleting a free account.

What if I accidentally thumbs down a song on Pandora?

Unfortunately, you can’t undo a thumbs down rating from the Pandora app for Android or iPhone, which means you’ll need to log in to the site itself using a browser on your computer or smartphone.

What do you do when Pandora doesn’t work?

Reboot the device by shutting it down entirely, then turn it back on and try Pandora again. Uninstall, then reinstall the app*: Hold down the Pandora icon on the desktop until all the icons start shaking.

How do I delete all my Pandora stations at once?

To delete stations on the web:Click My Collection.Hover over the album art of the station you want to delete.Click the ellipsis (three dots), then select Remove from your collection.

Why can’t I cancel my Pandora subscription?

Cancel my Pandora-billed subscription or trial Sign in to your account on our website. Go to the Subscriptions page. … Click Cancel Subscription in the bottom corner of the screen. Enter your current password to confirm the cancellation of any future subscription payments.

Why can’t I edit my Pandora station?

Go to My Collection. (Pandora Premium account holders may want to filter their collection by Stations for an easier view.) Click on the title of the station you’d like to edit to go to its “backstage page.” Click the ellipsis to the right of the play button to reveal an additional menu, and select Edit Station.

What is my collection on Pandora?

My Collection is the central location to view all music types you’ve added to your collection: artists, albums, songs, stations, playlists and podcasts. It functions just like My Music, which you may still see if you access Pandora from our website, or from certain other devices.

How do I change my email and password on Pandora?

Change your account information or passwordSign into your Pandora app, and click on Profile.Click on the Settings gear in the top right corner, and select Account.Tap Save to update your information when you are finished making changes.

Why does my Pandora keep saying someone else is listening?

If you are receiving the message, “Your Pandora Account is currently playing on another device,” or “Someone else is listening,” then more than one device is streaming from your account at the same time.

How do I reset my Pandora password if I forgot it?

Reset or Change your Password on MobileOpen the Pandora app.Click on the Forgot Password link located below the sign in fields.Enter the email address that you used to create your Pandora account.Follow the instructions contained in the password-reset email after receiving it.

Why my Pandora is not working?

Make sure the app is installed to the phone’s local memory, rather than on an SD card (installing the Pandora app on an SD card causes performance issues we can’t provide support for). If you have a battery saver or task manager app, make exceptions for Pandora or try turning them off completely.