Quick Answer: Are All Watch Batteries The Same Size?

Is 377 and 377A the same battery?

Are the watch battery 377 equivalent and 377A the same.

The difference is that the 377 has a silver oxide base, while the 377A is alkaline.

Of the two, the 377 battery equivalent has a longer life, saving you from having to replace the battery more often..

How do I replace my watch battery?

How to Change a Watch BatteryRemove the watch back. Most modern watches have snap-off back panels, which have small indentations to help you carefully pry off the cover. … Place the gasket to the side. … Find and remove the battery. … Insert the new battery. … Test your work. … Replace the gasket and watch back.

What batteries are used in watches?

Most batteries used in watches today are silver-oxide or lithium batteries, of which there are over 100 in use.

Do all watches use the same size battery?

All watch batteries are not the same. We have 2 basic types, 1.55 volt silver oxide batteries and 3.0 volt lithium batteries. … A watch movement takes a specific size and type of battery and they cannot be interchanged.

How do I know what size battery for my watch?

You should expect a watch to need a battery replacement every few years. To replace the “button battery” yourself, you’ll need to know the 3- or 4-digit number that specifies its size. Read the back of the watch. The battery identification number may be specified there.

How much is a watch battery?

Most professional watchmakers are going to charge around $5 to $14 to replace a basic watch battery, but this can greatly vary depending on the brand and type. Watches with a water resistant battery can cost $40 to $65, whereas chronograph models can cost as much as $65 to $100.

Are watch batteries universal?

Interchangeable batteries. Now some watch batteries are interchangeable. … If your watch takes either of these cells, you can use 376 or 377 in your watch.

What battery is equivalent to 377?

377 Battery is a direct replacement for SR626SW, SR66, SR626, SB-AW, 280-39, BA, V377, D377, 606, S626E, GP377, AG4, AG-4, 377, L626, SG4, LR626, LR66, SR628SW, E377, E377CA, LR626SW, 377A, SR262SW, 377X, 377S, GP177, SR6265W, 377/376, E377A, SR66SW, SR625SW, 377BA, CR626SW, AG4/377, AG04 batteries.

Which watch battery is best?

Renata batteries are the most reliable and last the longest too. They are also the battery of choice fitted by premier Swiss watch houses including Tag HEUER, Breitling, Chopard and even Rolex for their quartz collections.

Is 377 Battery same as LR41?

Because the LR41 battery is an AG3 battery equivalent, it can be safely replaced with 392, 392A, G3, V36, V36A, SR41, SR41SW, V3GA, 192, 384, 92A, GP192, LR736 and CX42 batteries.

What is the smallest watch battery?

392 button cellAmong the smallest of the watch batteries, the 392 button cell has a wide range of uses. Available at a discount in bulk! Find this Pin and more on Watch Batteries and their Non-Watch Uses by Batteries and Butter.

What does CR mean in batteries?

CR is the generic designation that is used by the entire batteries maker but lithium batteries are also having chromium. All the batteries who have this chemical substance in their batteries they can use this abbreviation CR. On the other DL is the short abbreviation of the battery making company Duracell.

What is the most common size watch battery?

The most common watch batteries are V371 (quality men’s watches) and V377 (quality lady’s watches and most cheap made in china movements). LR44/V357 is a very common pocket calculator battery. CR2032 is the most common lithium button cell (3V) and is not part of this cross reference.

Is a 377 Battery same as SR626SW?

SR626SW is the same as 377 and can be used in place of each other.

How much is a watch battery replacement?

Pricing on a battery change ranges from as low as about $10 to upwards of $45 to $60 to reseal and pressure test a water resistant timepiece after switching out the battery. Some complicated watches that are hybrid quartz and chronograph movements can cost $65 to $95 for a battery change.

Can you touch a watch battery?

Watch batteries are designed and manufactured to meet the special requirements of the watches in which they are used. … When handling a watch battery, do not touch it with your fingers and do not use metal tweezers which will short-circuit the battery. Use only plastic tweezers.

What size battery do I need for a Fossil watch?

cr2430If you own a Fossil hybrid watch, the battery you need to purchase is a cr2430. These batteries are very common and easy to buy in offline and online stores like amazon. The CR2430 battery is a 3v lithium battery, see the shape below.

What size battery does a Nixon watch take?

size 364 batteryMost Nixons are using a size 364 battery, but it’s always critical to double check.

What batteries are compatible with L736?

392 Battery is a direct replacement for SR41W, SR736, SB-B1, 280-13, K, V392, D392, 247D, S736E, AG3, AG-3, GP392, LR736, 392, 192, L736, G3, V3GA, LR41, SG3, ASG3, G3A, V36A, 92A, GP192, 392X, SR41, TR41SW, SR41SW, 247B, SP392, S736S, 392A, 392X, L736H, L736S, SR736PW, RW47, RW47S, GP392-A1, SR41, E392, LR41H, AG03 …