Question: What Size Is China XL In UK?

What size is men’s XL in China?

17.5Asian Clothing Size Conversion Chart – MenInternationalUS/UKChinaXL17.5180 118-122XL17.5180 118-122XXL185 126-130XXL185 126-1308 more rows.

What are Chinese sizes in clothes?

Chinese sizes are different from other sizing standards. Clothes from China are generally labeled in numbers, although using different sizing standards measuring different body parts. A Chinese size 88-90 for example, is the same measurement as a 165-170, or a 36-37, which is a extra small in the US sizing standard.

What size is 42 in China?

Men’s International Conversion Chart Shoe SizingUSUKChina87428.57.5439843.510.59.544.57 more rows

What age is 160 cm in clothes?

Size chart for Abeko/Tells Classic RainwearHeight80cm160cmAge1-2y12-14y

What is a US size large in China?

China Asian Size to US Size Conversion An American small is 160-165 or 84-86. A medium is 165-170 or 88-90. A large is 167-172 or 92-96. Extra large is uncommon and therefore lacking in real standard measurements, but is generally 168-173 or 98-102, depending on the manufacturer.”

Is XXL the same as 2X mens?

In the US, in men’s clothing, 2X is equivalent to XXL.

What is a UK size 5 in China?

International “Women’s” Shoe Size Conversion ChartChart Two: International shoe size equivalentsU.S./CanadaChinaU.K.535.52.55.53636373.58 more rows•May 25, 2021

What size is 160 in Shein?

Kids Apparel Size Conversion ChartGirls AgeKids SizeBoys Age6-71307-88-91409-1010-1115011-1212-1316013-149 more rows

What size is China large in UK?

Chinese Clothing Size ChartsActual Clothing Label SizeTo Fit Chest SizeMedium38 – 40 InchesLarge40 – 42 InchesX-Large42 – 44 InchesXX-Large44 – 46 Inches2 more rows

What size is XL in UK?

Outerwear & Tops size guideSizeUKEU/ITL4050XL4252XXL4454XXXL46565 more rows

What size is 170cm?

Women’s WetsuitsHeight8S157 -162cm36″ – 38″8162 – 173cm36″ – 38″8T167 – 173cm36″ – 38″10165 – 170cm38″ – 40″5 more rows

What size is 110cm Gucci belt?

Women Gucci Belt Size Chart: Hip Measurement (Low Rise)Women Gucci Belt Size (cm)HipUS Pants Size10038 inch 96.5 cm1210540 inch 101.6 cm1411042 inch 106.7 cm1611544 inch 111.8 cm188 more rows•Nov 2, 2020

What size is 150 cm?

Kozi Kidz Size Chart68cm6 – 9months120cm5 – 6 years130cm7 – 8 years140cm9 – 10 years150cm11 – 12 years5 more rows

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